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The NextHome Force Group is taking agents to the NEXT level. Our all-inclusive technology and systems include our enhanced kvCORE CRM, marketing suites, FREE coaching programs, office-provided leads, a team-based culture, and hands-on brokers and leadership team dedicated to your success!

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Our Culture

Our core values are who we are.

Our culture is an indicator of who we are as people and as agents. It’s built on a human-first business model that supports the highly individualized way each and every one of us chooses to do business.

A client-centric brand, minimum marketing standards, and automated technology come together to free up more of your time so you can invest it in building relationships.

We’re a fast-growing and deeply connected community, and we recognize that this industry is all about the people. We are problem-solvers, doing work that matters.

This is the type of agent we seek to attract.

Our Office

With the right foundation,
all things are possible!

The NextHome Force Group provides our agents with everything they need to succeed! We work to drive our agents into consistent monthly production as soon as they join our offices! Our proven systems, tools, FREE agent coaching, support, & culture – plus our comprehensive Technology Toolbox – are all designed to support our agents so they can grow their real estate career!

Our Broker / Owner
Nexthome Force Premier Realty in Howell, NJ

Meet David Garagiola

David Garagiola is the Broker/Owner of NextHome Force Premier Realty in Howell, NJ. He started his real estate career in Commercial Real Estate and then shifted to residential in 2013. He succeeded as an individual agent before becoming a coach and mentor and helping agents by paying it forward. He ran a large Brokerage with over 250+ agents and grew to one of the Top Offices in our local market.

In 2020, he partnered with Allan Burns to open the Force Group’s 2nd office in Howell and quickly grew that office to one of the top offices in Howell with 40+ agents. Our NextHome agents are equipped with systems, tools, and platforms to support their success. We’ve sold over 200 homes since we opened with our agent growth up 151% and thriving. We are quickly becoming the premier Brokerage in our local market providing a high level of service to our clients, our communities, and to our agents.

Our CEO / Owner
NextHome Force Realty Partners in Red Bank, NJ

Meet Theresa Kuyl

For more than a decade, Theresa established herself as a leader in the real estate marketplace, assisting in the sale of more than 650 homes and a total volume, greater than a quarter billion dollars. After managing successful sales teams, alongside her husband and business partner, Allan Burns, it would make sense that opening a brokerage would be the next move. NextHome, a fastest growing franchise, with 700 offices nationwide, aligned seamlessly with their vision. NextHome’s “Humans Over Houses” approach, putting people-first, again, is what they felt the industry was lacking and needed. Since opening their doors on January 1st of 2020, NextHome Force Realty Partners has quickly become a local force for their agents, clients and community. Less than one year after opening, a second location was formed with Broker and Owner, David Garagiola. Our unique value proposition makes partnerships like this possible for all.


Power up with Benefits

The NextHome Force Group provides our agents with all the systems and tools in place for every agent to succeed at a high level. We are keeping our agent’s COSTS down while INCREASING their income and production.

Benefits Snapshot


We want you to keep more of your earned commission. With flexible commission structures, that allow you to choose what is right for you and an annual cap, you are in control of your money. Like it should be.


No more trying to kick start your CRM and Agent Website as our NextHome Intranet auto-configures your CRM and Agent Website for you. Our Agent Quick Start Guide is all you need to start building your Database and Sphere and generating business. Your state of the art Agent Website is designed to drive business to you! Get the website traffic you deserve with all our fully integrated systems.


Knowledge is power and essential to our agent’s success. Our agents stay ahead of new technologies, consumer trends, transactional shifts and more through progressive products and training provided by NextHome. Our FREE in-house courses include “The Listing Academy” series, Sales Gravy coaching, the “Glover University” program, “DayONE” Coaching, and much more. Never pay for your success as our training is included as an Agent Benefit.


Our state-of-the-art CMA system enables you to create stunning presentations, Buyer Tours, Property Reports and Flyers in minutes. Arrive at your listing appointments with the most comprehensive data and impressive presentation tools.


Take advantage of all of our programs and services including our friendly Office Administrative Staff, our Agent Concierge’s services, our auto-generated Marketing, our amazing NextHome Corporate Agent Services Team, and our hands-on Brokers and Leadership team! Help is just seconds away!


The NextHome Force Group provides additional data-based systems and tools such as PropStream, Landvoice, and Neighborhood Search capabilities so that you do not have to search around for these resources. Work smarter, not harder when it comes to identifying the right prospects to contact and nurture.

In-House Leads

Leads are generated from a variety of sources that we provide to you, including your personal website Featured Lead Sources include, Google Ads, Facebook Marketing and Ads, In-House Cold Callers, and more all distributed to our agents via our instant Lead Router. Agents also have a variety of lead sources via The Marketplace inside our enhanced KvCore CRM system.


Our agents have easy access to video, prone, and Matterport 3D services for all your marketing needs at a discount. Stand out when it comes to your Value Proposition with Sellers and win the listings!


Agent’s shouldn’t be faced with an exorbitant amount of sign-on fees and monthly fees. The NextHome Force Group’s philosophy is you are part of our NextHome family to make money, not go broke! We have ZERO sign-on fees, we have ZERO monthly fees, and we have ZERO E&O Insurance fees to our agents. We are covering the costs so you can focus on developing your real estate business and income.


Opportunity has no limits with the NextHome Force Group. Looking for a niche? We train and support a multitude of specialties such as our Casan Luxury sale, Land & New Construction, Wholesale and Investment Properties, Probate sales, Foreclosure sales, Absentee Owners, Commercial Sales, and more…

The Academy

A qualified NextHome coach can help you double down, find ways to scale your business, achieve this and so much more. Taught by top leaders and producers within NextHome, the courses offered by The Academy have been specially designed to increase your production.

Day One

A comprehensive 12-week course designed to launch NextHome agents into production. Each module includes instruction, group activities, handouts, and exercises. We cover working with buyers/sellers, lead gen, accountability, time management, and everything in between.

NextHome Concierge

When your client buys a new home, provide them with white glove treatment that saves them time and trouble by helping them with forwarding USPS mail, researching local utility service providers, and procuring homeowner’s insurance – all with a single phone call and follow-up email.

Technology & Marketing

Tried and true technology needed
in today’s competitive marketplace


How many brokerages offer a CRM solution as an included benefit? Gather, nurture and ultimately convert contacts into clients. Our system follows a hub and spoke model, where the CRM is the core and our hand-selected partners from across the real estate landscape plug in as the spokes.


We re-imagined what a yard sign should look like in front of a home. How can the look, feel and quality of the brand draw attention and consumer interest? The colors we use pop and draw attention. The shape, content, and layout offers a clean, professional look in the front of your client’s home.


An easy-to-use, MLS-integrated marketing platform for creating customized property and personal marketing in minutes. Our system is customized to NextHome branding and offers hundreds of design options to choose from. Both print and web marketing options are available.


CORE Present is the next-generation CMA and presentation builder that helps you win the listing, win the offer, and wow clients every time. Create engaging CMA’s and buyer tours in minutes that can be presented digitally or printed and bound for a lasting first impression.


Created for the top 10 percent of the market, the Casan Collection recognizes that luxury lives everywhere. Brokers and agents who service high-end properties have access to a suite of brand materials, also by Pentagram, to deliver a distinct next-level experience.


Our integration with DocuSign Transaction Rooms and eSignature helps our agents keep the transaction process simple, secure, and convenient for everyone involved. It elevates the experience for home buyers and sellers, showing them first-hand the value of NextHome agents.


Meet Luke

Luke is friend, mascot, and brand ambassador of NextHome Inc. He is responsible for being the most loyal companion you’ll ever meet and putting the Frenchie in franchise. He’s orange and bright and widely adopted by NextHomies (and people who steal lawn signs) across the country.

Luke loves real estate as much as we do and is a huge part of our culture. We celebrate his birthday every year on June 15, the day a human named Luke created him at Pentagram. He helps us connect people with their homes, helps connect us with communities across the country and with each other. He warmly reminds us every day that home is where your dog is.


NextHome invested in a 360-degree, industry-leading design program by the world’s largest independent design consultancy. We’re thrilled to be able to deliver an immediate and striking visual identity that attracts buyers and sellers to our network and your listings.

Market Pulse

Agents need to know market conditions like the back of their hand. Market Pulse gives you the tools you need to capture the homeowner’s attention. Whether via social media or email campaigns, you can share the local stats and charts along with your interpretation of the data.


Through our partnership with LUXVT, your Casan listings will be featured in prominent media outlets reaching top-tier local and international buyers. More than global syndication, LUXVT offers a dedicated website for the home, a high-end video tour with a Google Earth aerial flyover, and more.


As a Casan certified professional, you can bring high-end residences to life through dynamic visuals, 3D home tours, picture carousels, animations, and auditory enhancements using Studeo. Connection begins with storytelling. This is where Casan stands out above the rest.


Our Agents all have access to the Landvoice data system to pull listings of Expired homes, current For Sale By Owners, and to perform Neighborhood Searches to farm an area or market. Combine this with SmartZip to determine who is the most likely to sell in the next 12-months.


PropStream® is the most trusted provider of comprehensive real estate data nationwide. We empower our Agents with the data, tools, and marketing solutions needed to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game. Real time data aggregator to help Agents determine who is the most likely to sell and who to contact & nurture.

kvCORE Open House

A lead capture tool created specifically for open house events! Attendees enter their information, which is immediately passed into kvCORE’s CRM. Once in kvCORE, the system will automatically set up search alerts, and automated campaigns will begin to market to the attendees.


Certified Luxury Agents,
Representing the Top 10% of the
International Luxury Market.

Our luxury sellers expect quality, exclusivity, and a higher level of marketing for their home. Our commitment to elevating this highly specialized sale of luxury homes translates to our specialized Casan Collection available to agents at NextHome Realty after they are certified by the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.


Focused on profits ahead of percentages.

We offer competitive Commission Splits with a Cap model while removing the monthly and bogus fees to ensure our agents are keeping as much of their Commissions as possible in a competitive marketplace. Ahead of talking about percentages is our agent performance and the services and benefits we offer because 100% of ZERO is still ZERO. We combine a balance of splits and service to give our agents the best chance of success which is proven by our growth and rankings within our markets.


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